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3rd March 2019
GreenMax Hyper Reusable Handles
15th March 2019

GreenMax MR Conditional Mac Blade

VISION+ Reusable MR Conditional Fiber Optic blades are manufactured with nonferrous stainless steel for MR Suite safety, durability and long life. Each blade is Matt finished to reduce glare and enhance ease of intubation.


  • High intensity LED provides ultra bright, white light with 50000 Hours continuous hours of reliable light output.
  • Blades feature an enlarged 4.6 mm diameter fiber optic bundle to maximize light transmission.
  • Handle is lightweight (11 oz. with Lithium battery).
  • Matt finish laryngoscope blade minimizes reflection, optimizes patient safety.
  • Certified MRI Conditional up to 3.0 Tesla.
Order Ref. Description Size
V – MRI – MAC 00 MacIntosh 00 MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Blade Premature
V – MRI – MAC 0 MacIntosh 0 MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Blade Premature
V – MRI – MAC 1 MacIntosh 1 MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Blade Infant
V – MRI – MAC 2 MacIntosh 2 MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Blade Child
V- MRI – MAC 3 MacIntosh 3 MRI Conditional Laryngoscope BladeM Medium Adult
V – MRI – MAC 4 MacIntosh 4 MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Blade Adult
V – MRI – MAC 5 MacIntosh 5 MRI Conditional Laryngoscope Blade Adult


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