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15th March 2019
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25th March 2019

GreenMax Flexi


The GreenMax Fiber Optic Flexi-Tip blade is specially engineered to improve visualization of the larynx during difficult intubations. With a blade tip adjustable through 80 degrees, the GreenMax Flexi blade can simplify elevation of the epiglottis for many conditions, including reduced thyromental distance, short or immobilized neck, obesity and swollen tissue of the larynx.

GreenMax Flip-Tip Laryngoscope blades are ideal for EMS, Emergency Room, and any other setting with unpredictable patient airway conditions.

  • Enlarged 4.7mm diameter fiber optic bundle.
  • LED technology provides up to 40% more light than conventional halogen bulbs.
  • Engineered with a removable fiber optic bundle for easy replacement of damaged bundles.
  • Satin finished blade surface reduces glare to enhance ease of intubation.
  • Compatible with all ISO 7376 (Green System) handles.
  • Ideal for EMS / Emergency Room.




Quality: Re-usable

Order Ref. Discription Size
V-FOFT-MAC 2 GreenMax Flexi  Blade Mac 2 Child
V-FOFT-MAC 3 GreenMax Flexi  Blade Mac 3 Medium Adult
V-FOFT-MAC 3.5 GreenMax Flexi  Blade Mac 3.5 Medium Adult
V-FOFT-MAC 4 GreenMax Flexi  Blade Mac 4 Adult
V-FOFT-MAC 4.5 GreenMax Flexi  Blade Mac 4.5 Adult
V-FOFT-MAC 5 GreenMax Flexi  Blade Mac 5 Adult

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